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Expanding collection of our successful project references

Projects-Carrefour Wen Sin Store

Carrefour Wen Sin Store

Parking Spaces: 536

Projects-Banciao Station

Banciao Station

Parking Spaces: 883

Projects-Carrefour An Pin Store

Carrefour An Pin Store

Parking Spaces: 361

Projects-Park Lane by CMP

Park Lane by CMP

Parking Spaces: 761

Projects-Carrefour Ching Hai Store

Carrefour Ching Hai Store

Parking Spaces: 362

Projects-Carrefour Zhang Hua Store

Carrefour Zhang Hua Store

Parking Spaces: 381

Projects-Carrefour Chung Cheng Store

Carrefour Chung Cheng Store

Parking Spaces: 347

Projects-Carrefour Zhong Yuan Store

Carrefour Zhong Yuan Store

Parking Spaces: 475

Projects-GuangXing Elementary School

GuangXing Elementary School

Parking Spaces: 303

Projects-Carrefour Chong Li Store

Carrefour Chong Li Store

Parking Spaces: 407

Xinming Primary School

Xinming Primary School

Parking Spaces: 272

Projects-Carrefour Wu Gia Store

Carrefour Wu Gia Store

Parking Spaces: 276

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Parking Spaces: 1245

Projects-Carrefour Jen Te Store

Carrefour Jen Te Store

Parking Spaces: 398

Projects-Carrefour Nei Hu Store

Carrefour Nei Hu Store

Parking Spaces: 543

Projects-Carrefour Nei Li Store

Carrefour Nei Li Store

Parking Spaces: 647

National Taichung Museum of Natural Science

Taichung Science Museum

Parking Spaces: 178

Projects-Carrefour Dou Liu Store

Carrefour Dou Liu Store

Parking Spaces: 318

New Taipei City Library

New Taipei City Library

Parking Spaces: 231

Projects-Carrefour Kuang Hua Store

Carrefour Kuang Hua Store

Parking Spaces: 120

Projects-Carrefour Zheng Kung Store

Carrefour Zheng Kung Store

Parking Spaces: 400

Projects-Carrefour Dong Hing Store

Carrefour Dong Hing Store

Parking Spaces: 163

National Taichung Theater

National Taichung Theater

Parking Spaces: 254

Projects-Carrefour Lin Kou Store

Carrefour Lin Kou Store

Parking Spaces: 385

Projects-Carrefour Nan Tou Store

Carrefour Nan Tou Store

Parking Spaces: 408

Projects-Taichung Airport

Taichung Airport

Parking Spaces: 178

Projects-Carrefour Miao Li Store

Carrefour Miao Li Store

Parking Spaces: 155

Projects-Carrefour Chong Xin Store

Carrefour Chong Xin Store

Parking Spaces: 394

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Parking Spaces: 889

Projects-Carrefour Nan Zi Store

Carrefour Nan Zi Store

Parking Spaces: 245

Projects-Xin Zhuang Sports Center

Xin Zhuang Sports Center

Parking Spaces: 611

Projects-Carrefour Chia Yi Store

Carrefour Chia Yi Store

Parking Spaces: 439

Projects-Carrefour Feng Shan Store

Carrefour Feng Shan Store

Parking Spaces: 145

Projects-Carrefour Lu Jhou Store

Carrefour Lu Jhou Store

Parking Spaces: 210

Projects-Linkou Mitac computer

Linkou MiTAC computer

Parking Spaces: 414

Projects-Carrefour Chong Qing Store

Carrefour Chong Qing Store

Parking Spaces: under construction

Projects-Carrefour Ping Tung Store

Carrefour Ping Tung Store

Parking Spaces: 294

Projects-Changhua Christian Hospital

Changhua Christian Hospital

Parking Spaces: 839

Projects-Taipei Station

Taipei Station

Parking Spaces: 551

Projects-Carrefour Gui Lin Store

Carrefour Gui Lin Store

Parking Spaces: 164

Projects-Yuan Lin Christian Hospital

Yuan Lin Christian Hospital

Parking Spaces: 480

Projects-Carrefour Ding Shan Store

Carrefour Ding Shan Store

Parking Spaces: 374

Projects-Taipei City Mall Parking Lot

Taipei City Mall Parking Lot

Parking Spaces: 392

Projects-Hongshulin MRT Station

Hongshulin MRT Station

Parking Spaces: 114

Projects-Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza

Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza

Parking Spaces: 1427

Projects-Luzhou Ren Ai Parking Lot

Luzhou Ren Ai Parking Lot

Parking Spaces: 464


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