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Projects - School, Museum and others

Expanding collection of our successful project references

Projects-GuangXing Elementary School

GuangXing Elementary School

Parking Spaces: 303

Xinming Primary School

Xinming Primary School

Parking Spaces: 272

National Taichung Museum of Natural Science

Taichung Science Museum

Parking Spaces: 178

New Taipei City Library

New Taipei City Library

Parking Spaces: 231

National Taichung Theater

National Taichung Theater

Parking Spaces: 254

Projects-Xin Zhuang Sports Center

Xin Zhuang Sports Center

Parking Spaces: 611

Projects-Luzhou Ren Ai Parking Lot

Luzhou Ren Ai Parking Lot

Parking Spaces: 464

Projects-Kaohsiung Weiwuying

Kaohsiung Weiwuying

Parking Spaces: 716

Projects-Banqiao Parking Lot

Banqiao Fuhou Parking Lot

Parking Spaces: 122

Projects-National Taipei University

National Taipei University

Parking Spaces: 973

Projects-Tamsui Parking Lot

Tamsui Shueiduei Parking Lot

Parking Spaces: 383

Projects-Pingshi Park

Pingshi Park

Parking Spaces: 226

Projects-Da Dong Art Center

Da Dong Art Center

Parking Spaces: 114


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